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Ascension Day in France

Ascension can mean different things to different people, as in France it is estimated that more than half the population does not believe in GOD or Jesus. Thus this day is simply an official government holiday, which seems a paradox given the country's history of the Enlightenment (or Age of Reason) when all things in life needed scientific proof or evidence to be considered real, discounting any mystical or religious rational. Must be other reasons why France continues to commemorate so many Christian holidays.

Ascension can also mean to rise up (other than Christ) . makes its ascension on line to share lesser known history about France and African Americans. Paris had been known as the cross point meeting grounds for intellectuals, artists, writers, musicians, from around the world. And African Americans migrated there in the early 20th century contributing resoundingly to this very community. offers several videos on this historic occasion. History is truth.

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